Metals In Interior Design: Copper and Rose Gold

Metals In Interior Design

You will have been walking around in a bubble if you hadn’t noticed that copper and rose gold have had a major impact in the home interiors scene…. Lighting, cutlery, vases, accessories; it is quite literally everywhere! We do adore the warmth and majestic softness this metals brings to interiors schemes. Metallic makes a space feel instantly more glamorous and we don’t see it leaving anytime soon.

A new kid on the block for this season is gold, we saw it feature heavily in the collections at the trade shows in January. Gold has its routes in the 1970’s. Although it is glitzy and glam, it has had an overhaul to soften the 70’s over-glitz and is featuring in some refined and stylish pieces. If you are thinking about introducing a feel of glamour into your home, then gold is a wonderful consideration. In order to achieve this in your home a scheme, black & white would make perfect sophisticated partners. Add in splashes of gold with pieces and you have an ultra glamorous interior scheme as these images show….

We have some simply beautiful gold items if this has inspired you to get decorating, click here.


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