Gorgeous Greenery: Colour of the Year!

Cool colours and chic styles for 2017

Just as fashion runways around the world dictate the must-have looks of the season, so too do home décor trends. Here’s what’s hot right now, along with our designer tips to incorporate these fabulous trends into your décor scheme.

Go Greenery! 

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 is greenery – a cheerful green shade that symbolises vitality, rejuvenation and new beginnings. With more and more consumers seeking eco-friendly products, making healthier, more natural food choices, turning to vegetarianism and sustainability, greenery is an appropriate colour to represent the world at this moment.

Adding greenery to your decor is an easy way to inject new vitality into your home and let nature come alive in every room. From furniture to lighting, to pillows and paint, beautiful pops of green give your home a renewed look and vibrant feel. Whether you add green hand towels to your bathroom or a green vase to the dining room sideboard, it’s easy to “go green” without spending a lot of money.

Focus on Foliage

In line with the colour choice of the year, green is also represented in the foliage trend. A desire to be at one with nature is evident in the incorporation of large leafy prints on fabrics, botanical print artwork, the use of driftwood and branches in lighting, mirrors framed in vines, and leaves carved into furniture.  You can bring the outdoors in and brighten your home with beautiful foliage patterned pillows, bold leaves on bedroom curtains or pretty patterned vine chair covers.  Adding live plants to your home, including air plants hung in wall sconces, boxwood wreaths in your entryway and succulents in table centrepieces will bring a natural touch to your décor scheme while purifying your indoor air—two benefits in one purchase!

Discover the beauty of Brass

Brass is a soft metal that lends a warm and welcoming glow to your home. Whether you are drawn to a brass mirror, picture frame, coffee table or hammered brass wash basin, this beautiful metal draws you in and creates a comforting ambiance in any room. Mixed with other materials such as barnboard, glass or concrete, brass can offer elegance and sophistication, or rustic charm. It has character and presence, especially in lighting where the glow of a pendant light is multiplied when the pendant has a brass interior.

Be at one with your space using Mandala prints

The mandala is a symbolic circle with many visual elements that represent harmony, unity and balance. Often used in yoga as a form of meditation, the mandala is said to help you connect with your inner spirit, seek answers within, calm the mind and become “at one” with the universe. Your personal space is a reflection of you and mandala patterns can add a sense of balance. From artwork to bed linens, choose mandala patterns in rooms where relaxation is encouraged. A beautiful mandala patterned pillow looks great on the bed in a master bedroom or on a throw draped over a favourite chair in the living room reading nook. A mandala print on a gallery wall also adds a sense of peace and spirituality to your home. Channel your inner décor spirits and bring tranquility home!

Experiment with Lapis Blue

Traditionally, blue has always had a place in bedrooms and bathrooms. Today, lapis blue is making a real statement. Whether you paint an accent wall in the living room or add lapis blue cushions to a hallway bench, rich and elegant lapis blue is bringing homes alive with dramatic colour. Go bold with lapis blue furniture, elegant covers or lapis lamp shades. No matter where you add this sensational colour, you’ll be adding a touch of sophistication.

Bring the world home with Maps and Globes

You don’t need to be a world traveller to decorate with trendy maps and chic globes. The world is literally at your fingertips with these decorative elements. Gone are the days of confining maps and globes exclusively to the home office. Stunning antique maps are now conversation pieces on living room walls. Globes are popping up on dining room consoles and living room coffee tables. Choose nautical charts as wall art in a dining room or display a framed map of a recent family trip on a gallery wall alongside holiday photos. A collection of globes in various sizes makes an unusual and interesting display on a bookcase, while maps as a wall mural offer trendsetting style in a uni dorm.





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