Small Bedroom Ideas

How To: Make a Room Feel Spacious – Small Bedroom Ideas

Think BIG…Tips to making a tiny bedroom appear more spacious and small bedroom ideas…

Keep it light, bright and airy

The lighter the paint colour, the brighter and roomier a space will appear. White, cream, grey and neutral tones are the ideal canvas for simple elegance and style. With so many variations of whites, off-whites, beiges and greys to choose from, the possibilities are endless. If wallpaper is your thing, choose pale shades or tone on tone patterns. Wallpaper can add subtle sophistication to a small room. Think of your bedroom walls as a canvas, and accent pieces and linens as the paint. Follow these tips and small bedroom ideas.

Choose a bed that fits your needs and your space

A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy body and mind. Your environment plays a key role in determining how restful your night will be. In addition to investing in a comfortable mattress, if your headboard is oversized and bulky, your space will become overwhelming. When you’re short on space, consider a fabric headboard in a light colour, or a bedframe that’s sleek and simple. Sleigh beds or footboards may look lovely in a large room but they create a visual box that restricts the flow in a smaller bedroom.

A clutter-free bedroom means a clutter-free mind

A cluttered room can have a negative affect on your ability to focus. When everything is out of sight, your bedroom becomes more inviting and serene. Keeping furniture to a minimum is a great way to make a small room appear larger. Built-in storage can replace bulky dressers, a closet organizer can keep clothing hidden from view, and a small dresser that doubles as a nightstand is a great way to use minimal furniture with maximum effect.

Keep the fabrics light in tone and texture

There’s nothing quite as inviting as a cozy bed with fresh, crisp linens. Opt for fabrics that are light in tone and texture. Choose curtains that are sheer and flowing, flooding your space with outdoor light. A textured throw at the foot of the bed, or a faux fur pillow in a soft shade can add a touch of sophistication while keeping your room cheerful. If your space is dark and doesn’t get much sunlight, choose lighting that will brighten it up. A crystal chandelier or a glass table lamp will not only project light, it will reflect it.

Add eye-catching colour with accessories

With neutral walls and light linens, you can choose a colourful painting, striking photo or art object that will give your room a fresh theme. If you choose bold foliage artwork, for example, you can add a green pillow or throw to your bed and tie everything together with a green plant on your dresser or a subtle vine print on your window treatments.

Reflect space with mirrors

A mirror in your bedroom is a must-have. Mirrors reflect light and space. They open up tiny corners and can give the illusion that a room is twice its size. Stand a mirror against a wall or hang it above a dresser. A full length mirror can be placed on a door and mirrored closet doors are a wonderful way to create the illusion of additional space in a small room.

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