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Top reasons you need mirrors in your home – Styling Mirrors

Mirrors can give the illusion of double the space

No matter what size a room may be, a mirror is an instant fix when you want to double your space. Have you ever walked into a reception hall, hotel lobby or chic restaurant and thought “wow, this place is huge”, only to realise that you’re one of the many guests on what you thought was the “other side of the restaurant”? If you have a small space such as a powder room that seems cramped and uninviting, forget the wallpaper and try placing mirrored tiles on the main wall instead. When guests enter the room, the space will look twice its size. A narrow hallway can also be opened up with a full-length mirror placed along the back wall.

Mirrors bring the outdoors in

Sunlight will bounce off a mirror and brighten any room. Even if you have a small window in a bathroom or kitchen, placing a mirror opposite the window will reflect even the smallest amount of light and can brighten a space, giving it a cheerful appearance. There’s nothing like sunlight to warm up a space and lift the spirits. Especially in winter months when a dark room can be a little depressing. In addition to reflecting the sunlight, a mirror is a great way to reflect a serene setting, plants and a beautiful backyard. Take a look around your home and see if the view out of your window is worth reflecting.

Nothing adds glamour to a home like a mirror

Who says mirrors need to be confined to the space over a vanity or dresser? Mirrored furniture is a hot trend, offering a luxurious look and feel to any space. Whether you choose a mirrored buffet for the dining room to give it an elegant presence or your bedside table is mirrored, nothing reflects glamour like a mirrored surface. Boutique hotels often have mirrored consoles in their hallways, glass chandeliers in their lobby and mirrored elevator doors. Mirrors are elegant, upscale and give the illusion of old Hollywood glamour and sophistication.

Mirrors will highlight a room’s best feature.

Walk through your home and find one feature in each room that you want people to notice. Then determine whether a mirror is the best way to highlight it. For example, is your favourite feature in your living room your fireplace? Why not reflect the flames in a mirror? Or how about placing tall candlesticks on a buffet in the dining room so that the candlelight is reflected in the mirror when you have guests over. Do you have a luxurious upholstered bedframe and velvet chaise in your master suite? Take the wow factor up a notch with glass tables or a vanity that adds to the elegance. A mirror gives a room a focal point and just as it highlights a room’s best feature, it distracts from any unpleasant features a room may have (it’s a win-win!) 

Mirrors are also great on a porch or patio.

Imagine how beautiful the stars would twinkle or your patio lanterns would sparkle reflected in a mirror leaning against a cosy corner of the front porch or tucked behind large lanterns on your patio. An outdoor seating area will quickly feel like an additional room when you add the cosy touches of a mirror to make it more inviting.

Every entrance needs a mirror

In addition to being practical in an entrance hallway, for double-checking your appearance as you head out the door, a mirror creates a welcoming environment for guests. Whether you place one over a console or choose mirrored doors on your hallway closet, you’ll double your space while reflecting the light spilling in through. Read all about how to perfectly style your entrance hallway here.




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