Spring Interior Design

Spring Interior Design: Spring – Fab Finds!

Spring is a season of renewal. When it comes to home décor, Spring looks are usually associated with flowers and patterns, colour and texture—everything that brings decor alive. But to truly revitalise your space, you need a good foundation—a neutral base that allows you to change your looks with the season. Here are a few of our Designer’s picks for products that provide a foundation from which your individual design ideas can ‘spring’ forth, welcome Spring Interior Design.

Bring unique shapes to the table

If you have a small dining area, you have the perfect opportunity to inject personality into your space with a uniquely shaped table. Try an octagon table that seats 6 comfortably and creates a wonderful “circle” of conversation. Small spaces can still offer a huge wow factor with minimal effort.

Spring into action: add a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers to the table.

Arian Whitewashed Hexagon Table






















See things in a whole new light

Lanterns, lamps and candleholders—so many options are available when you want to add bright or subtle lighting to your home. Whitewashed wooden lamps with linen shades bring a sense of calm sophistication to any space, especially when they have a mesmerising silhouette that adds to their appeal. When you add a stylish lamp to a room, it can work wonders to add a homey warmth to a space. A table lamp can create intimacy and calm, while a bold floor lamp can act as modern artwork as well as a rooms primary light source. The shape and colour of a lampshade can also affect the mood of a room.

Lanterns are perfect for indoors or out and look fabulous beside a whirlpool tub, on a deck table, porch floor, dining buffet or to soften a dark corner of a hallway.

Spring into action: Go from room to room and look at your light sources then switch them up to give each room a bright new look – Spring Interior Design.

Rosario White Washed Wood Table Lamp






















Gianno Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp with Telescopic Legs






















Cedro Tall Metal Lantern























Are your walls in need of a fresh face?

If you’re tired of the same old art hanging on the walls of your home, spruce things up with the addition of a cool clock or pretty mirror. An oversized clock with a rustic face can fit into any décor scheme. The same can be said for mirrors. No space is too big or too small for a mirror. Used in a tiny area, a mirror can double the sense of space, making a room appear larger, brighter and more welcoming. An elegant mirror or statement-making clock can be used as a starting point for everything around it.
Spring into action: Add a rustic clock or elegant mirror to a wall that you’ve revived with a bold new paint colour – Spring Interior Design.

Kate Mirror Silver






















Marco Metal Roman Numeral wall Clock























Stylish comfort takes a front row seat

Who could resist slipping into a cozy chair with a plush seat and a button-tufted back? Not us! Soft curves and clean lines, coupled with stylish arm rests that cradle your guests in comfort, will beckon guests and make your living room more inviting. An elegant fabric in a solid colour also provides unlimited ways to change things up by adding patterned cushions, throws and other accessories.

Spring into action: Drape a beautiful, textured throw over the back of a neutral chair or brighten it up with a floral throw pillow that celebrates the season.

Aiden Grey Button Tufted Chair























Every picture tells a story or creates a mood

When you hang photos or a piece of art in your home, does it make you feel good? It should. Visit each room in your home and take a good look at your wall décor. What mood does your environment create? Do you feel relaxed or anxious? Rejuvenated or depressed? When art is too overwhelming for a particular space, experiment with something less dramatic and overstimulating.

Spring into action: Artwork with images of the beach, water and sky are calming and work perfectly in a room where you want guests (and your family) to experience peace and serenity.

Beach Artwork






















sea artwork























Get the products here:  Arian Whitewashed Hexagon TableRosario White Washed Wood Table Lamp, Gianno Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp with Telescopic Legs, Cedro Tall Metal Lantern, Kate Mirror Silver, Marco Metal Roman Numeral Wall Clock, Aiden Grey Button Tufted Chair,  Escape to the Sea – One and Two Artwork. 


Spring into Action: Spring Interior Design

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